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Cornerstone to Building a Progressive and Sustainable Future

The SAYGER Foundation "READ" Initiative

Bookcases and Books: Delivered!!

Imagine bookcases all over your adopted school campus

Imagine students picking and actually reading the books

Imagine the minds set loose to soar above ours

Imagine the lives touched by such kind gesture

Imagine the society we will have built

    The SAYGER Foundation  “Better Education” initiative in Iseyin, Oyo State continues to focus on providing free lunch to a group of Primary School students. The Foundation looks to increase student participation in the coming years by intensifying its Reading Mentoring and Development (READ) Initiative. This matches students with faculty mentors and they engage in grade-appropriate reading and writing exercises. This intiative complements other well-meaning efforts like book donations from overseas and the Ebedi Writers' Residency Program of Dr. Wale Okediran. The literary skills acquired from the READ intiative enhances future academic success, better preparing students to read and comprehend information in more sophisticated books.

Equipping students in a rural African community (Iseyin, Nigeria) with the knowledgebase, life skills and attitudes which help them succeed and excel in their academic experiences, thereby becoming effectively prepared to meet immediate social needs of their community and future global challenges. 

Community Outreach
Menstrual Hygiene
Potable Water and Health 

We sincerely need your personal touch and support to help sustain our efforts.

For inquiries, support and donations, please contact us at:

We guarantee responding to you immediately !!!

"Legacy of The Cap"

Time and age have a way of forcing sober reflection on one. The knowledge of passing memories, reflections on the beauty, joy, accomplishments, sorrows of the past and the hope for tomorrow, all intertwined in the milieu from which emerges a yearning to memorialize these life events, experiences and realities gone by. It has been said that the reality of life is life itself. 


Use the "Better Education" Project in reinvigorating academic environment of primary schools in the Òkè Ògùn region, so students become equipped with the knowledgebase, life skills and attitudes that help them succeed and excel in all tiers of their academic experiences, as well as, effectively meet the social needs of their community and the global challenges of the future. ...


Free Lunch


Reading, Mentoring and Development  "READ"

 Location of project: Ìsẹyìn, Oyo State, Nigeria

Organizer:  The SAYGER Memorial Foundation

Beneficiary:  All Primary School Students and the local Education System....

Community of Partners

Work within the education system, focusing on primary schools to develop a schools/community partnership that engages students, faculty and staff, a variety of businesses varying from non-profit to corporate to retail ...

Establishing the SAYGER Foundation was motivated by the strong desire to continue the legacy of our ancestors in citizenship, particularly those imbued in us by our parents. Named after  Simeon and Gertrude Yerokun. The mission of the Foundation is to make positive and sustained impact on the socioeconomic progress of the Òkè Ògùn region of Oyo State, Nigeria. It was registered in 2012 as a non-profit Organization in the USA and a Nigerian Non-governmental Organization (NGO).

The SAYGER Foundation “BE” project will contribute to improving primary education in the Òkè Ògùn region by engaging the whole community--- parents, government, businesses, religious groups, and other stakeholders, in activities that help restore the capacity of primary schools to prepare students for the type of academic success that translates into excellence at all levels of the education system. An 


Better Nutrition Leads to Improved Learning and Student Motivation.....

Community Support Boosts Primary School Teacher Morale and Commitment.............

CEO: Tokunbo Yerokun, Ph.D., MHSA

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