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Statement of Need:  


Need to reinvigorate academic environment of primary schools where there is the capacity for effective teaching and learning, alleviating the lingering issues of poor learning environment, poor nutrition, teacher quality and relevance of the learning experience.

Need to enhance teacher and teaching capacity in primary schools in order to provide and sustain the high quality of education the students receive as they start from the foundational level of primary education.

Core Activities:  

 * Implement a primary school nutrition project  

* Help attract, acquire, support and retain a high-quality,                    

       dedicated, diverse      

   faculty of competent, distinct, and dedicated primary school


* Sponsor school beautification activities    

* Enhance schools and community partnerships     

* Sponsor teacher motivation activities

* Seek financial sponsorships to sustain project           

* Highlight project activities on webpage         

* Organize annual 5K Run/walk      

* develop bi-annual assessment of Foundation projects for Quality and relevance      

* Annually survey community for feedback on Foundation projects                          

* Help establish a forum for finding community-initiated solutions to problems in the

  education system.

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