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A hard-working public charity organization incorporated in United States (Georgia) and registered NGO based in Iseyin, Oyo State, Nigeria, whose vision for the social progress of the Oke Ogun region is rooted in the full commitment to reinvigorating primary school education through organizing community-driven projects and initiatives that provide school nutrition for enhancing student interests at learning and achieving economic parity to improve primary school teacher morale in the Òkè Ògùn region, Oyo State, Nigeria. 

Tokunbo Yerokun
Chief Executive Office

Teacher/scientist with professional experience in institutional capacity building, public policy design, project coordination.

Funke Yerokun

Board Member

Mother, Wife, Church leader and Clinical Coordinator, major US Metropolitan Hospital.

Moji Olajide
Board Member


Mother, Wife, Inspirational leader

Jimi Yerokun
Board Member

Wale Okediran
Board Member

Physician, Writer, Legislator and Community Leader

Retired Regional Director of Nuclear Regulatory Commission - Federal Government Agency (USA)

Segun Yerokun
Board Member

University Professor and Dean. 

Husband, Father, Brother--------.

Tayo Popoola
Board Member

Retired Legal Practitioner for US Metropolitan City.  

He is a husband, father, brother---.

Dellia Yerokun

Board Member

Mother, Wife, church leader and United Nations Development Program Executive 

Cynthia Yerokun
Board Member

Mother, Wife, Broad experience as  Entrepreneur

Nike Fatinikun

Board Member

Mother, Wife, church leader and Secondary School Senior Staff Member 

Taiwo Abiona
Board Member

Mother, Wife, church leader and Community Social Program Supervisor (USA)

       Michael Abiodun Ojo
                   Board Member

Father, Husband, Medical Practitioner with thriving clinic at Iseyin. He has fiduciary responsibility for the "BETTER EDUCATION" Project

“We're a small and growing charity organization. We look forward to meeting you and your supporting us meet the challenges of a new generation" 

Tokunbo Yerokun, CEO, SAYGER Memorial Foundation Incorporated

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