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Better Education" Project" designed for primary schools to improve school nutrition, achieve economic parity for teachers, encourage students to engage in community service, organize effective and sustainable partnership among teachers, students, parents, businesses, government and all interested parties in the community  

The "Better Education" Project

Enhancing student interests in learning through nutrition program and teacher capacity building initiative.

Project Statement


Primary education sets students on a path to lifelong learning,

equipping them to succeed in contributing to the progress of a

rapidly changing world. In the context of the Nigerian education

system, there has been tenuous visible progress from academic

training such as in academic quality of students, infrastructures,

particularly roads for transportation or power for multiple purposes,

or improved quality of life to rural populations like the Òkè Ògùn

region. There remain lingering issues on the quality, relevance and

efficiency of the overall education being provided. Engaging parents,

teachers, students and the communities in achieving and sustaining

effective reforms of the education system is a daunting challenge. Hence, there is the need for

strategic collaborative relationships among all stakeholders in the community; parents, politicians,

policymakers, businesses, educators and students, working to sustain a revitalized system. 

 The SAYGER “BE” Project is predicated on the belief that the future of our children, indeed, our future, for a good life and fulfilling the promises of a better society

begins with healthy life in and around the primary school classroom. The project is designed with emphasis on: 1. Primary school nutrition using a community collaboration program that provides free lunch to students, to promote their physical and psychological health; 2. Recruitment and retention of highly effective

teachers in primary schools through improving welfare and supporting staff training; and 3. Actively seek and support other community projects that help revitalize

the overall learning environment for primary school students, as well as, increase their capacity to continuously evolve to meet changing circumstances and

address the needs for quality primary education in the region. As a public charitable organization the SAYGER Foundation depends on its family foundation funds

and the support from generous contributions and donations from friends, well-wishers and grants worldwide for its mission. 

                                                                                Please Join Us and Support Our Efforts-------------------Thank You                            

School Nutrition Program for primary school students


There are irrefutable evidences all over the globe that improved school nutrition for children at the developmental age in primary schools can result in improving their ability, readiness and mental status to learn and are motivated to learn.

Economic Parity for primary school teachers



Supporting teachers to improve that standard of living will improve their morale and commitment to train our children and build a new generation that will contribute to the progress of the community

Community Partnership



Ká rìn ká pọ íyẹ ní yẹ ni------so goes a Yoruba adage

Community support is crucial to the successful implementation of any social program. Community ownership of social programs guarantees its sustained and

effective activities.  Parents, the business community, administrators, educators and students will play important roles as a strong coalition, whose concerted

mission would be to revitalize the academic atmosphere, where teachers are able to effectively teach, students are able to receive formal and informal education

relevant to the needs of both their immediate society, the nation as a whole and the world in general. There is the need for everyone to regain a sense of dignity, one

in which teachers are given the respect they so much deserve in the form of compensation that meets increasing cost of living and allows them maintain a decent

life style; parents need to motivate students and teachers through their support and volunteer activities and students need to have a stronger sense of responsibility

in attaining academic excellence.

Tolulope Falaiye

Project Manager

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