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The “ViM“ blog is inspired by the feeling of nostalgia that often follows seeing pictures or hearing sounds from times past, vintage images and expressions. Sensations that are not limited by time or space. There are blogs from around the world in this genre, one that really inspired me is “The Nigerian Nostalgia Project”. In addition to the nostalgia evoked by vintage images, ViM includes narratives and commentaries on comparisons and contrasts between the old and contemporary. How some things have changed, remained the same and, using a contemporary term -- gone retro, are discussed.  The images in this blog are from Nigeria, Naija, interesting comments come from all over the globe.

Soccer---- The Real Game of FOOTBALL

For many who remember soccer in the 60's, "Thunder Balogun" remains the doen, the maestro, the icon of Nigerian soccer. From playing barefoot to cleets and the emergence of Pele, the game became completely transformed. From playing in the nooks and corners of the land, "Set" as we used to called it, to soccer field, the game has rolled unto stadiums and domes. The quality of the balls have changed, instead of barefoot, many kids now use footwears. The pittance of then is now gone to millions in all kinds of currency.

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